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Join Us For The Harvest Moon Dinner Dance!

The Harvest Moon Barnyard Dinner Dance on Sept. 22 has been an ETI Corral 20 tradition for the past 30 years.

It raises funds that support Equestrian Trails Inc.’s maintenance of the local horse trails in the Shadow Hills, Hansen Dam and Lakeview Terrace areas.

In addition to our very reasonably priced tickets, the event earns money  from the bar, “jail” and silent auction. Those funds are used for grooming, seasonal clean-up, the opening of new trails and sometimes to hire the appropriate professional who help with regulatory issues to prevent the closure of  trails currently in use.

Not one cent of the Harvest Moon money leaves the local equestrian horse communities! For the past nine years, the Peacock Hill Ranch stable yard on McBroom Street in Shadow Hills has come alive with music, good food, silent auctions, neighbors catching up with neighbors and just an entire evening of  barn-dance fun.

See the flyer below for information on how to purchase your tickets and join us for an evening you won’t soon forget!

Prior to the present economic downturn, Harvest Moon always attracted at least 200 local horse people, and Corral 20 management has reason to believe that 2012 is going to be a  year for an outstanding turn out. The music will be excellent, as always. The dance floor will be filled and so will the jail!

Click HERE to see how much fun we’ve had at past events.

— Royan Herman

The 2012 Harvest Moon Dinner Dance Flyer