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Harvest Moon 2011

The 2011 Harvest Moon fundraiser at Peacock Hill Ranch was an enormous success for Equestrian Trails Inc. Corral 38, raising monies for year-round trail maintenance and also local equestrian endeavors, including Valley View Vaulters. “We’re really the only local event in Shadow Hills that raises money specifically for redistribution within our community,” Peacock Hill Ranch owner Royan Herman said.


Couple dancing in cowboy hats.

Bert Bonnet dancing with ETI Corral 20 president Linda Fullerton.

Horse in a pipe stall being petted.

2011 ETI Corral 20 Harvest Moon Fundraiser

A country band performs on a stage of hay at the 2011 Harvest Moon soiree.

Live music is a hallmark of the Harvest Moon fundraisers at Peacock Hill.

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