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County Proposes New $500 Sanitation – On Top of What We Already Pay!

The L.A. County Health Department notified us of this meeting only hours before its scheduled time, and on top of that, decided to hold it in a remote locale, making it difficult for City of Los Angeles residents to attend.

Despite that, we in the Shadow Hills, Lake View Terrace, La Tuna Canyon Sylmar, Chatsworth and Sun Valley and City of L.A. horsekeeping communities were able to get organized and let our voices be heard on the important issue of additional fees for manure handling. The additional $500 equine license fee for that applies to any horse owner with six or more horses falls under “Vector Management.”

Is the LACHD suggesting that a second inspector is needed to look at manure on exactly the same properties inspected by the first inspector whose job is to assure general sanitation? The Vector Management Inspector already notes the condition of the property for purposes of health. To check and sign a second report for the manager of a second division requires either 10 seconds,  or millions of dollars spent and paid for a second set of inspectors to perform a 100% redundancy.

In addition to throwing away County money on this redundancy, the L.A. County Health Department is proposing to do it at a time when hay has recently tripled in cost and manure removal costs have more than doubled.

Thanks to Melissa of the Farm Bureau, we were able to get a message before the officials presiding over LACHD meeting tonight (April 26, 2012). Thank you, Melissa!

In view of the fact that we are all in the same hugely inflationary, bad economy, how do you justify creating more bureaucracy that costs more money to do something that is already being done by your own department?

Since you have successfully kept tonight’s meeting below the radar, many of us will attend the next meeting of the LA County Supervisors to ask how LA County Health can afford to spend tax money twice for the same purpose and the same function. Are you fellows having a turf war or does the union need dues of a few more new hire county employees?

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